The Storm Within

The Storm Within is the triumphant first book in the brand new series, Johns Creek Second Chances!

Johns Creek, New York, deep winter, and Amanda Pickett is all alone in her remote house when a violent storm erupts, devastating the neighborhood, and bringing a tree crashing down against her back door, leaving her in the freezing cold and complete darkness when the power supply is cut.

As she becomes ever more frightened and isolated by her predicament, there is a knock at the door. Amanda screams, but the visitor turns out to be Raif Weston, a very handsome off-duty fireman come to rescue her and the other residents of Johns Creek.

They attempt to get to the shelter where the residents are being evacuated, but the storm is so fierce that they only get a short way down the road before they hit a tree and are forced to turn back, and so they both end up trapped in Amanda's house.

"So, now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me?" Raif asks.

…. and the storm begins for real.


A bit of a rock star as romance writers go, September 13, 2011
By T. Hewtson LE ROUX
This review is from: The Storm Within (A Johns Creek Second Chances Novel) Kindle Edition)
I love watching the front person for a band who really knows what s/he is doing, who not only interacts with the audience but actually seems to share a permanent in-joke with it.

Jessica Degarmo is increasingly like that. I never stop smiling as I read her books because she is forever teasing her readers, giving us what we want and then neatly wrong-footing us with the plot.

The start of the book is really neat, keeping us guessing as to why Amanda is single, and then that very timely devastating New York storm in a book released only a few weeks after the New York hurricane. Hundreds of thousands of people have recently lived this book in its opening pages.

It is a virtuoso start with lots of warm feel-good effects, 'But where is the tension going to come?' I was asking myself. Oh, right, a baddy, well actually a couple of them, and then again buildings on fire are always good for tension.

If you enjoyed 'Hooking Up', this is a great companion piece, and my guess is that her books will just keep hitting that spot for a long time to come (and 'The Storm Within' is the first of a series about Johns Creek, New York).

She is a very reliable love machine, or her books are, anyway.

A touching story of loss and loveDecember 11, 2011 

A young war widow still grieving the loss of her husband sits alone in her house when a mammoth winter storm. The power flickers, then goes out. There is a tremendous crash. A massive tree has come crashing through the roof of her sunroom. What is she going to do? Then there is a knock on the door. Should she open it, or ignore it? Fearfully, she opens it, as it could be help. Standing there looking concerned is a very handsome fireman. On their way into the village and shelter, his truck slides into a ditch and he can't budge it, so they make their way back to her house.

In the hands of a different kind of writer, this could be a horror story, or a maudlin tale of love and romance. In Jessica Degarmo's capable hands, it is a well-written story about grief, loss, fear of letting go and moving on, and a growing love between Amanda Pickett and fireman Raif Weston. It is also a tale of small-town gossip, rivalry and jealousy.

If you're looking for an enjoyable read, pick up a copy of Jessica Degarmo's The Storm Within. Jessica Degarmo is the kind of writer that can always be counted on to tell a good, well-written story that is a joy to read.


      The Storm Within