Join Quinn on a hilarious journey of self-discovery and dating. Will she find a beefcake or a rotten apple? Will Quinn find love or sour grapes at the supermarket?

Quinn is a successful journalist who has been so busy trotting the globe looking for stories that she sort of forgot to invest in her private life.

Eventually, she takes on an assignment with a nationally-syndicated travel magazine back in her hometown in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is able to settle down. The problem is she's lonely. She's too young to be a spinster and too old to pick up a man at a bar, so what is she to

Quinn sets out to find a man in the unlikely setting of the Grocery King Supermarket. She devises crazy plans to find a mate, no matter what it takes.

Cue a whole series of misfortunes as Quinn is mistaken for a prostitute, has the whole world looking for her imaginary dog, and resorts to doing the strangest of things--like fainting in the bakery section--to meet the man of her dreams. And what does she have to show for all this trauma and hard work? Yep, a hapless collection of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Wrong and Mr. WRONG.

Jessica L. Degarmo's 'How To Meet a Guy at the Supermarket' is classic witty romance/ chick lit with a difference - Quinn actually feels like a real person written by a real person. You have probably met her, and she no doubt confused the hell out of you every bit as much as she confused herself.


One of the most delightful chick lit reads of today, January 17, 2011
By Anne (Pennsylvania) - Review originally appeared on The Book Shelf blog:

Just a few days before I delved into Jessica Degarmo's How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket once again, there was a question of whether chick lit was out of favor with women readers. According to one of my literary sources, it isn't, there just isn't many quality books in this genre nowadays that catches publishers' attentions.

Lucky for Night Publishing, they snatched up How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket. This delightful read follows us through the adventures of Quinn's dating adventures and discovering herself in the process. It's more than the average boy-meets-girl chick lit book with its story line ringing true and making readers identify with the lead characters.

How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket is laugh out loud, head shaking, what-the-heck fun, along with stories of the men Quinn encounters. The story is realistic, full of heart and soul, and I couldn't help but root for Quinn throughout the book.

If there's one book that can bring chick lit back in a strong fashion, How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket is its perfect solution.

By R. Jones - This review is from: How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket (Paperback)
How to meet a guy at the supermarket is an interesting insight for any guy into the world of the female lonely thirty-somethings, who are fed up of being lonely thirty-somethings. The storyline bases itself around the heroine Quinn, a refreshingly honest and charming main character who carries out an experiment to see if she can hook up with a suitable partner in a local supermarket.
I liked Quinn because she reminds me of so many women out there, terrified of being left on the shelf and desperate to find a partner. My wife has a few friends like her and I found the character realistic and well-drawn, as awful as that may sound.
Her exploits border on the ridiculous as she tries various ploys to attract attention and love. If I have one criticism it's that the reader sort of guesses who the right guy is from the beginning, (well I did) ; however, that adds to the comedic value of Quinn's exploits.
If you like a laugh, enjoy a bit of a "self discovery" thing and good characters you can certainly pity and relate to, go for it. My wife did and we both liked it.

Loved it!, December 23, 2010
By Tiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf" (Kittanning PA) This review is from: How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket (Paperback)
Quinn has gone through a real dry spell with her love life. She decides she wants to find a nice guy and settle down, but clearly her current methods are not working, so she formulates a plan; she will meet a man at the supermarket. For months she makes a weekly trip to shop for a man, and along the way meets some great people. But will she ever find Mr. Right?

I started reading this book before bed last night. I did not go to sleep until I had finished the book, it was that wonderful. As a woman who got married in her thirties, I totally related to this book, there were many many times I felt just like Quinn. I was really able to relate to her as a character, and as a result I was very invested in the story.

I loved hearing about Quinn's wacky experiences, and the ridiculous men she met. It reminded me of so many bad dates I went on before I met Hubby. I laughed out loud at some of the scenes in the book, and felt bad for Quinn more than once.

I typically am not much of a chick lit reader, because the stories seem so vapid, but this story was so realistic, and really had heart. I loved it, and I can not wait to read more of Degarmo's writing. This is a great book for romance lovers, and any woman who has suffered through singlehood will appreciate the story.

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