Hooking Up

Would you go out to a bar and pick up any random handsome man to spend the night with to mute the heartbreak of your long-term lover - your rock - walking out on you?

Caitlin Edison was so badly hurt by her boyfriend of ten years leaving her that she no longer wanted love, she wanted a cure for love.

After several drinks, one of her best friends suggested she indulge in a one-night stand, a mindless night of fun with absolutely no consequences, to help her heal.
At first, Caitlin scoffed at the idea, but the idea niggled at her and one reckless night, she plucked up all her courage and actually followed through.

There was only one problem - how did Caitlin end up with the one guy in town who wanted more than a one-night stand?

'Hooking Up' is romance at its best – exhilarating, surprising, passionate, witty, moving, enraging, frustrating, sly, worldly and wise.

When Caitlin gets the ride of her life, so will you. Hook up with 'Hooking Up', place yourself in the safest of hands and let yourself go.

If you enjoy stories of love and romance, you'll love this very well-told tale., August 5, 2011
By G. Polley "blogger and writer"
If you enjoy stories of love and romance, you will love this book by Jessica Degarmo.
When Caitlin Edison's live-in boyfriend of ten years walked out on her because he was bored, she was devastated. If this was "love", she wanted no more to do with it. Talking about it with her best girlfriends, one of them suggested a "sure-fire" cure she'd read about in a magazine. The cure? Go to a nice restaurant or bar, dress up fit to kill, and hook up for a one-nighter with the best-looking guy there. I couldn't help but cringe.

Coming from a friend who was not only a virgin but a conservative, Church-going one at that, Caitlin is shocked. Hooking up for a one-nighter with a stranger? A sensible young woman, Caitlin rejects the suggestion. (I was relieved; having worked in the counseling field for years, I knew the suggestion was an accident guaranteed to happen, and I liked Caitlin.) But, since her mood doesn't improve, she decides to give it a go. (My heart sank to my shoes.)

Dressed fit to kill, she goes to one of the next cafes in town, spots a melancholy handsome man sitting by himself, decides he's the most likely candidate, walks up, introduces herself and suggests a tryst. ("Don't do it!" I said. Rats! They go out the door and disappear. I wine, awaiting the recriminations and tears.)

Problem is, Jessica Degarmo is such a fine writer that I couldn't put the book down and ended up falling in love with both Caitlin and her new beau Ryan.

If any two people have the personalities to make it work, Caitlin and Ryan certainly do. Does this mean the future is will be a bed of roses? Not at all. Custody disputes, learning to fit together as a couple, a toxic spouse and raising a child (and maybe more) are real life challenges that each of us face, have faced or will face.

Like I said at the beginning, if you enjoy stories of love and romance, you will love this one. I look forward to Jessica Degarmo's next, to see where she takes couples on the seas of relationships, romance and marriage.

Feel good romance :), August 3, 2011
This review is from: Hooking Up (Kindle Edition)

I was looking for a romantic novel that was not over the top in its story line, sexual encounters & concept & I found it in this book.

This is the type of "feel good" good story I was looking for. "Realistic" characters in a believable setting dealing with real feelings. The insecurities, the misunderstandings, the chances, the failures all being something that someone can relate to. We have all been in some portion of the situations encountered in this story line and can relate to it in some way, shape or form.

The story line flowed, carried detail but didn't drown you in it, explained the complexities well & made for a truly enjoyable read. I started & finished it in a day & I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable, feel good, romantic read :)

Don't Let the Title Fool You!!!, July 28, 2011
By Avid Reader (Raleigh, NC) -
This review is from: Hooking Up (Kindle Edition)
There is so much more to this book than the title! Things may start with a "hook up", but the journey the author takes you on from there is in turn, emotional, heart wrenching, and heart warming!
      Hooking Up