Historically Yours

Historically Yours is the second book in the Johns Creek Second Chances Series! 

When recent divorcée Chloe Johns McClain decides to start her life all over again by moving from Iowa to upstate New York to take up her family inheritance, the ancestral home of the Johns family, she is not expecting to walk straight into a feud with a member of the other historic family of the town, Chase Landry.

The origins for the emnity between the Johns family and the Landrys is obscure to Chloe, but her arrival sure kicks the glowing embers of rivalry back into a raging fire.

And just when it looks like they are slowly reaching an amicable solution, Chloe discovers something in the joint past of the two families that really pours gasoline onto the flames ….


Another page-turner from a master story-tellerAugust 16, 2012
This review is from: Historically Yours (Johns Creek Second Chances) (Kindle Edition)
I have read everything that this prolific author has written,and in this book she reaches new heights of story-telling, for not only is this a touching romance that will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, willing the hero and heroine to get together and despairing when it looks as though they never will, but there is mystery, intrigue and high drama as well.

I found myself feeling almost at home in John's Creek, a charming town that the author brings to life and makes you want to phone the nearest estate agent and buy a house there. The descriptions of the Victorian house Chloe inherits are second to none, and before your very eyes the derelict building is transformed into a show-piece to make John's Creek proud.

Degarmo's characterisation of the two main characters, Chloe and Chase, is brilliant. Neither of them is perfect, and it is refreshing to have characters who have flaws and weaknesses as well as being intelligent, gorgeous to look at, and laden with sexual attraction.

I loved this book and can recommend it very highly with a well deserved 5-star rating.


      Historically Yours (#2)

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