Decisions has been re-released!

To escape an arranged marriage, Emma must get married....
Emma's father, Senator Schooner Tremaine, has struck a deal with the devil. He's agreed to marry Emma off to the son of an oil and natural gas magnate, the rakish Gray Taylor, as a business transaction.
There's no way Emma will marry the rude, cold, domineering Gray, and, with some unexpected assistance, Emma runs away in the middle of the night, ending up in Duck, North Carolina.
She's safe for the moment, but she knows she has to come up with a contingency plan, something to make certain that if Schooner comes after her, he can't force her to marry a man she doesn't love.
In walks Reese McConnell, and Emma has an answer to her dilemma. All she has to do is convince Reese to marry her....


This author writes for the reader who enjoys a good romance - and 'Decisions' is a very good romance. Degarmo's impulsive heroine has beauty and charm, as the heroine of a romance should have, and gets herself into sticky situations, just as a romantic heroine is supposed to. She seldom acts with calculated forethought, but if she did, there would be no story. I recommend this book.

Authors on Show Book of the Week Selection 7/24/11, July 24, 2011
By Anne (Pennsylvania) -
For a blend of good romance and difficult dilemmas, Decisions by Jessica L. Degarmo (Silver Publishing, 2011) comes highly recommended.

When Senator Schooner Tremaine arranges a business transaction to marry off his daughter Emma to the rude, cold, and dominating Gray Taylor, Emma runs away and finds herself in Duck, North Carolina. Needing a plan to be prevented from marrying Gray in the event she is found by her father, Reese McConnell comes into her life, and Emma plans to convince him to marry her.

Decisions holds readers' attention right from the beginning, the way romances should be written. A beautiful and daunting heroine with a sticky situation on her hands trying to escape the villian(s), before a charming and attractive possible hero arrives. This book is written with true style and tells a great story, leaving the reader guessing right up until the final chapter. Whom Emma ends up with...I can't tell you here. You have to read this fine work for yourselves.

Lovers of romantic fiction are bound to adore Decisions by the American writer Jessica L. Degarmo (published by Silver Publishing - ISBN 978-1920484897) This is Degarmo’s third romantic novel, following hard on the heels of How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket and Hooking Up.

Decisions is a modern fairytale of a story, with poor little rich girl Emma Reese in dire need of rescuing from the evils of big business and an ogre of a father who is prepared to sacrifice his daughter on the alter of his own ambitions. Things look bad for our damsel in distress, but when a super-fit pool guy comes into the picture and he turns out to be slightly more than the hired help, you know all is not lost, or is it?

I’m not going to give away the plot, which twists and turns very satisfyingly, but this page-turning read has much going for it: the corrupt machinations of big business and U.S. politics, the glitz of big money and the love of a good man, as well steamy romance. There’s also a forcibly arranged marriage, two weddings and a wedding-day disaster where Emma stands to lose the love of her life forever.

Can a happy ever after exist for Emma? Can true love survive politics, corruption and big business, let alone marriage to the wrong man? If you want to know the answers to such questions then decide to read Decisions for yourself. You’re unlikely to be disappointed.