Sunday, March 22, 2015

So close!!!

Hi, everyone!

I'm proud to admit that I've been doing a lot of writing! I have two books that are about 6/7 of the way done.

The first one is another Johns Creek book, and I love, love, love the spunky heroine and her super awesome hero!  I can't wait to finish it and send it off for a once-over. :)

The other book I'm working on right now is the second in the Lust Trilogy, Wanderlust. I am so excited about this one, because I think you'll see a different side of Nexess. We knew and loved her as a badass in Blood Lust, but what will happen now that she's out of Antonio's clutches? Stay tuned!!!

And speaking of Blood Lust, I really haven't been happy with the cover art so I finally did something about it. Without further ado, here it is! I love it, and I think it fits the story much better than the old cover did.

It feels great to be actively working on my books again. I've let the two new concepts stew for a very long time and finally, I realized I couldn't stew anymore. I had to just go for it, and I think it was the best call I could have made.

I hope to have some more updates for you very, very soon. Until then, stay awesome!