Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A new arrival, and some updates

Hello, everyone!
I'm so pleased to announce that last night at 12:45 am, a brand-new novella was born! Weighing in at ten chapters and 25,627 words, it's a story about a strong, sexy woman with a man problem. Or maybe two man problems.

I've had a blast writing this short work. Soon, it will be transformed into a gawky ugly duckling to a lovely swan (I hope) and sent out to see the world, or at least a few in-boxes and slush piles!

In other, very exciting news, I'm proud to announce that I am now represented by the absolutely amazing MacKenzie Fraser-Bub of Trident Media Group out of New York, NY. She's truly fabulous and it's been awesome to work with her on the novella. I can't wait for you guys to read it! Unfortunately, however, I'm unable at this time to post a sample. But stay tuned. More updates to come! And who knows--maybe I'll be able to post a teaser soon.

I'm hard at work on Holding On, the long-overdue follow-up to Hooking Up, and I hope to release it this year. I know I initially said Spring, but I'm neck deep in projects, and its time will come, I swear.

Wanderlust is also taking shape. I'm about halfway through that one, and I'm pleased to report that Nexess is as badass as ever, which is a good thing, because she's up against a pretty tough opponent. Will she prevail and hold onto her freedom? You'll just have to wait and see!

In Johns Creek news, ideas for other books are gaining traction, and I'm excited to start the next books in the series. But they'll have to wait a bit, because again, projects up to my ears!

All in all, life has taken some unexpected twists and turns, but it's all good. I'm happy. I'm writing. I feel a sense of relief now, a weight off my shoulders, and I know I have an excellent support system. I know I've got people in my corner, backing me up and helping me to realize my full potential, and that's worth its weight in gold!

I hope you guys have a truly fabulous day today. Enjoy the Spring air if you can, or the snow, depending on where you are. Go forth and seize the day. Give it hell, and don't ever stop dreaming. Hugs!