Monday, August 5, 2013

Hold on to your hats ... Holding On is coming soon!

I'm so excited! The first draft of Holding On, the long-awaited sequel to Hooking Up, is finished! And I got some very intelligent, intuitive comments from my wonderful agent MacKenzie, and I'm even now making some changes and refining. Holding On is coming together quickly, and I'm super psyched that Catie's story is almost ready to be shared.

So, without further ado...

I'm pleased to announce that Holding On will be available in September, 2013!
Details to follow, and of course, we can't have a book launch without a book launch party, so I'll be posting that information soon as well.

In other news, things are generally going well. Most of my books have gotten face-lifts recently, and you'll be pleased to note that they will be available with brand-new covers and lower pricing! Supermarket is now available at:

And check out the new cover!

Things are moving right along and I'll give you updates as they happen. More news soon! But for now, it's late and time to cuddle with the husband. Tomorrow is another day, and one I'll be spending part of on editing and other fun book stuff. Good night!


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