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Author Spotlight...The amazing Teresa Geering!

(JLD) We are very lucky to have the amazing Teresa Geering, affectionately known as Tee Gee, with us today. Tee has crafted the most wonderful fantasy world in her two successful novels, The Eye of Erasmus and Shasta Summer. Please join me in welcoming her to my blog!  Hello, Miss Tee! Please tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? What do you do for a living?

(TG) Hey there, Jess, it’s good to chat again. So then in answer to your question I grew up in Hastings Sussex; a fishing town which is renowned for the winkle club. A winkle is a small, edible marine snail which is ‘hoiked’ out of its shell with a pin and eaten with bread and butter or such like. The winkle club is known worldwide and it includes many members of royalty both here and abroad. Also many stars of stage and screen joined up.

It was started by my grandfather and a few other fishermen back in the 1800’s over a few ales in the old town ale house. The idea was to form a club to give the impoverished children of the town (of which there were many) a party at Christmas time. They were stuck for a name until a street vendor selling winkles came into the ale house and voila. Every member has to carry a winkle shell regardless of status. If they are challenged and cannot produce said winkle they have to pay a hefty fine regardless of their standing in society. It’s given willingly of course because of the charity. Over the years it has grown into the world wide charity it is today and raised millions. It’s strange when you suddenly realise how little acorns grow into those mighty oaks!

What do I do for a living? Well I have health issues which make things difficult; but for the last twenty years I have worked as a volunteer for the Kent Police which clearly I find very rewarding and it enables me to give something back to the community. Just recently I was presented with an engraved crystal with the Kent Police Crest inside and an inscription on the front. The Chief Constable presented it at a ceremony at Police Head Quarters. It was so heavy the Police Officer I work with came over and helped me hold it. (I have issues of arthritis with my hands) It must have cost mega bucks I reckon and as an aside I did suggest to the Chief I could flog it for a fortune on eBay. Fortunately his sense of humour matched mine and he came back with an equally funny remark away from the microphone. And no, I won’t share the comment; (something you learn very early when working with the Police is to hold your tongue lol) but the Police like to show their appreciation and they ensured I was totally embarrassed by their lovely comments.

It was the Police who nicknamed me Mad Tee and apparently it’s part of my call sign! My other name is Houdini because in times past they constantly said to me “How did you get out of THAT one?” lol

(JLD) What started your writing career?

(TG) Oh! Come take my hand, Jess, as we wander through literary fantasy. I started writing a couple of short stories in my teens but my current books evolved when I was sitting in my garden one hot summer evening sipping wine(as you do) I was watching a spider spinning a web. The slowly setting sun glinted on the prisms sending out rays of rainbow colours. My mind wandered and I imagined faeries and a fantasy world and from there the story of Shasta and Erasmus evolved.

(JLD) What is the name of your book and what is it about? What did you want to accomplish when you wrote it?

(TG): I have two books published. The First is The Eye of Erasmus simply because he pushed in first when I wrote the trilogy. Everyones dream is to take a ride on a time travelling adventure right? Basically he is a time travelling lover with attitude who pursues Shasta through time. He is able to just will himself to another time span by thought alone. He is arrogant and treats women with scorn until Shasta is revealed to him in the smoke from a fire in his cave. His heart is softened and he pursues her but she has her own agenda…..
The second and third books are combined under the title of Shasta Summer. This was my publishers’ idea.

Part one - Enchanted Garden

           Erasmus by thought transference entices Summer to stay with her Aunt in the magical village of Shasta. Over a matter of weeks Summer ages from an eight year old into a beautiful young woman desired by Erasmus. By going through a time portal in her aunt’s Victorian garden, she discovers not only her past heritage but another lover. A constant in her present life - a changeling cat named Merlin who becomes human. To ensure he maintains his human persona Summer regresses to her past life with Merlin and embraces her heritage, knowing in her heart that she will also come up against Erasmus. Summer considers the risk outweighs the power of Erasmus.

  Part two is The Village                            

        Summer has now discovered that she is called Shasta in her past life and has many powers including clairvoyance, and she is also psychic. She is a travelling woman who comes upon Shasta Village by accident. Through her powers she wins over the villagers and turns there miserable village into a haven of tranquility and magic. The sun will shine all day and it will only rain at night for the benefit of the crop yield. Whilst living in the village she meets up with Merlin in human form and its love at first sight. They become betrothed and will marry in the Spring.

Erasmus is determined to have Shasta for himself and have Merlin killed. Something he cannot do himself as he will forfeit his own existence. He temporarily takes over the body of a farm hand (Seth) and by enticement he is finally able to taste Shasta’s lips. Seth fights against killing Merlin but …….
We’ll leave it there I think, Jess. J

(JLD) They sound wonderful! Is there a character you identify with? Who is your least favorite character and why?

(TG) In the Eye of Erasmus it would be Hesper as he is just as arrogant as Erasmus and also has a hidden agenda.

In Shasta Summer well….I love all the characters to be honest but Seth is a bit suspect at times.

(JLD) Is your book based on real life or fiction?

(TG): Oh how I would love to say it’s based on real life, but no they are purely a work of fiction. However…. Several of the characters have many characteristics of the guys and gals I work with down at the ‘nickery’. Shhh ….

(JLD) What do you want readers to take away after they’ve read your book?

(TG) Hm! that’s a toughie because each reader takes away something different I guess. I would hope they would think “Yes I enjoyed that. It was a ‘good un’. I must look out for the next in the series.” That would be good enough for me.

(JLD) What is your favorite genre, and do you write in that genre? Will you ever write in a different  genre?

(TG)  Actually my favourite genre is crime even though I write fantasy. However I have many short stories on the back burner which include several crime and most of them have got a twist in the tail.

(JLD) What’s the hardest part about being a writer? The easiest part?

(TG) The hardest part for any writer is first finding a publisher and then begins the laborious task of promoting your work. Gone are the days of that big fat cheque and sitting on your laurels. Oh and while you’re up pass me a grape please. It ain’t gonna happen.

The most difficult part for me is when I get sat down in front of the computer and suddenly everything dries up. Where were all those great ideas from yesterday that I couldn’t wait to get down?  Is there an easy part, Jess? I’m not sure. There are many variations on the theme of writing a good story. Some suggest ten per cent inspiration and ninety per cent perspiration. Add to that blood sweat and tears and that just about 
covers it.

(JLD)What advice do you have to new writers out there?

(TG)  Well I guess the easiest way to answer that is this. If it’s your first book, only write about what is familiar to you as it usually flows far easier. Do ensure you research avidly. If you just second guess something and get it wrong, there will always be someone who will pull you up. Never assume you’ve finished when you’ve written ‘The End’. Believe me, it isn’t; that’s just the beginning. Now the hard work starts. Edit until you’re sick of it, but don’t do it straight away, pop the story in a draw somewhere for a month or two so that you come back to it with fresh eyes. Once you’ve edited to your satisfaction give it to friends and family to read ensuring that they are critical and honest because our friends and family love us right? Don’t get put off by lack of enthusiasm and never ever give up if you have faith in it. If you lack faith then so will others.

(JLD) If you could start your writing career over again, would you do anything differently?

(TG)  No, Jess! I think as writers we all have to go on this writing tread mill regardless of what end of the board we start. It’s part of the passion and pain of being a writer.

(JLD) Which person alive or dead would you like to spend time with? And why?

(TG) Socrates I think. We could walk on the clouds drinking cups of nectar from the Gods and he could educate me on his philosophies of life. He was apparently the greatest sage of all, and to quote Oscar Wilde I think it was ‘Education is wasted on the young’. So yes Socrates she says with a smile.

(JLD) Please give me links for your books.

 (TG) Links: 

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