Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's here! It's here!

I've been posting some giveaway teasers on my Facebook page alluding to the ultimate fan giveaway that will kick off today, and guess what? The time has come to reveal the details!

I have an amazing giveaway for one lucky winner, who will be announced on May 1.
The prize package consists of:
1 signed copy of Supermarket
1 signed copy of Hooking Up
1 signed coy of Decisions
1 signed copy of The Storm Within
1 signed copy of Six Weeks

All nestled inside an adorable "I heart books by Jessica L. Degarmo" totebag!

This is a $75 value, and it can be yours...for free!!!!

Here's what you have to do to enter:

1) Like my Facebook author page at

2) Follow my blog and leave a comment and tell me why you want to win. Extra points if you have something nice to say :)

3) Follow me on Twitter and tweet something to me about the contest. Extra points if you tweet about this contest to your followers!

And that's it! I'm going to (gulp) open this up worldwide, so one lucky winner, anywhere in the world, will now be eligible to be the ultimate fan and get the prize package.

Good luck to each and every one of you. Let's make this fun, shall we?

And by the way, I'm toying with the idea of doing some recorded readings and discussions about some of my books. Which one would you like to see a reading of, and why? Now's your chance to ask me those questions you've always wanted to ask. Have fun and be creative!




Sudam Panigrahi said...

So nice of you Jessica...everything done.

Facebooked, twitted and lots of love. Not for winning though...just your name inspires me.

Jennifer Bogart said...

Wishing you luck - you've been such an inspiration to me. Will FB, tweet and share your blog - not so I can win, but so that you get the exposure you deserve.

Soooz said...

Lovely looking blog Jessica...bravo!

I will happily promote this everywhere I can because you deserve it and your books are marvelous.

I already own each of them, so don't include me in the draw.

This is a great initiative, well done.

Jessica L. Degarmo said...

thanks to all of you! I really appreciate your support! Hugs!

R.R.Jones said...

Liked the page ages ago.
Been following your blog for, like decades and stuff.
Following you on Twitter since 1924... er, I think I'm done then.
Hand over the books Jess, my wife'll be reading for the next six months ^^, (she reads a little slower in English).

Mike Church said...

Great site, Jess! And an excellent promotional idea. I thought I was already a member of your blog, but it seems that I wasn't, so I have just joined. I liked Sudam's comment.

Oh no, now that Captcha thing - I can never read the sodding words!...

Emma said...

Hi Jessica,

Great competition. Sorry I haven't read your books before, but they sound funny and worth getting just from reading the blurb/synopsis on your blog. I hope that I'll get them one day, I'll put them on my TBB (to be bought)/TBR list for the moment though.

I've posted links to the comp on my Facebook, Tweety and Goodreads profile pages.

You asked if there was any questions,
well I'll ask some then:

Where do you come up with the ideas for your stories? Are they inspired by your life, or the life of a 'friend'?

If you were to write in a genre that is the polar opposite of what you write now, would you use a pen name to avoid confusion?

Of all your characters that you've written, is there one in particular that you would like to spend a day with in 'real life'?

What are your favourite authors to read?

I apologise that the questions aren't about your books but I hope you like them anyway!

Jessica L. Degarmo said...

Hi Emma!
Thanks for your great comments and questions! Very cool! Here are some answers for you:

As far as my ideas go, they come in weird ways. Some of the stories are a combination of places I love, experiences I may have had (although if you ask, I'll never tell which! LOL!) and things that just sort of pop into my head. Sometimes someone will say something and a bolt of inspiration will hit me. Next thing you know, I'm deep into a manuscript. Other stories have played like movies in my head. I love it when that happens!

I may or may not use a pen name. I think it depends on the subject matter rather than the genre. Some things I would be comfortable putting my own name on, but others may require a pen name.

Hmmm, as far as my characters go, that's a tough question. All of the character I write have qualities I wish I possessed and some that I do possess. The character who would be the most fun to hang out with would probably be Quinn, from How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket. The person I think I'd learn the most from is Sister Beatrice from Six Weeks. The person with whom I'd love to have a heart-to-heart with is Amanda from The Storm Within, and my favorite male character would have to be Raif, also from The Storm Within.

My favorite authors are LaVyrle Spencer and Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb. I also read Mary Higgins Clark. I have bookshelves full of books at home, but I always go back to my favorites. They're like comfort food for my soul!

I hope that gives you some insight into me and my books. Thank you for such great questions and your participation. Good luck on the contest!