Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Weeks, a little novella with a big message

I wrote Six Weeks as a way to reach people and allow them a safe place to question their beliefs. What would you do if you had only six weeks to decide whether or not to abort your fetus, carry it to term and adopt it out, or keep it as your own? These are all decisions that Imogene Jones has to sort out in a brutally short timeframe, not the easiest of tasks for a nineteen-year-old college student. But Imogene is no ordinary student. Stuck caring for her arthritic, alcoholic mother, a younger half-sister and a boyfriend who has problems of his own to deal with, Imogene wonders how she will ever make such a permanent decision.

Since this novella addresses topics that have recently come into focus on an international level, I have decided to step in and offer what I am able to a good cause. So, to help Planned Parenthood provide their services to those in need, I am donating a portion of the proceeds of each sale of my novella Six Weeks to the organization.

I have already been criticized by a few people for using an important issue to sell books, but I assure you, my main goal is to raise money for a worthy cause. Since I cannot afford to reach into my pocket directly and pull out a wad of cash, I am choosing to do what I am able to, which is to give up part of my profits to help those in need. This is really no different than a pink ribbon campaign or any other business who donates money to a cause with every purchase. Read it, and see if you still feel the way you did before. What would you decide?