Saturday, January 29, 2011

a little shameless plugging!

My family and I recently contacted the fine folks at Twiddy and Company Realtors to book our vacation rental for our upcoming trip. Those guys are amazing! They were more than happy to work with us, and in my opinion, they are the best vacation rental company in the Outer Banks! Everyone I've talked to there has been very gracious and kind and informative. That's one of the reasons why we only rent from them when we go down south on our OBX vacations.

Here's the link to their site. Check out these homes!

They also have a facebook page:!/TwiddyOuterBanks

They are agreeing to help me do a little promotion of my book and I'm sending them a few signed copies to give away in some prize packs. I'm very grateful and excited!

Once I get details on the promotion, I'll pass along the word.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello, all...

It's been a while since I've updated you all on what's been going on. With the holidays and the rest of real life, I haven't had much time (or energy) to blog.

Holidays were very nice this year, and I enjoyed snow-tubing with my family on New Year's Eve. It was fun!

On January 3, 2011, I accepted an offer from Night Publishing to publish Hooking Up in March! Very excited, and the time is just flying by. Can't wait to see how the finished product turns out.

I recently finished edits on Decisions (for now). I think I might be done, but there is always room for improvement. I'm letting it sit for a few days, then I'll read it again and see what I can do. Looking for feedback on that one, so if you are on Authonomy, please pop in and check it out. Thanks!

I did submit it to a publisher, and their turnaround time is usually pretty quick, so we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed!

School just started back up for me yesterday, so now my time will become even more precious. But, this is my last semester of college before I earn my Associate's Degree, so I'm excited. I've been waiting for this and working toward this since August 2007. It's about time!

I have an upcoming speaking engagement in March, another in June, and I'll be interviewed on a local TV station tomorrow morning. I'll try to figure out how to record footage and upload it here...

Lots going on, but all positive.

Gotta run...keep writing, reading, and dreaming!