Saturday, October 2, 2010

No news is good news?

So, nothing back yet from the publisher who requested the full MS for Hooking Up. The last correspndence I got was a thank you email from the managing editor. She said she'd get back to me when they made their decision.

In the meantime, I got a rejection from another publisher, but I'm ok with that. I still have the full MS out, and if that one doesn't work, I'll keep trying.

On the Supermarket front, I got an email recently from my publisher at Night who said that after the release of six great books within the next few weeks, my book was next. Yay! I'm very excited. It feels like this process has taken so long, but really it hasn't. I just started writing my Supermarket book in January 2010, and I queried Night Publishing in July. I was accepted right after, and the book will be released before the end of the year. That's really fast as far as these things go. I've heard of authors waiting a year, or even two, before they see their work in print. Still, I'm impatient! I'm hoping the book will be out prior to December 1, because my book tour is still on for the first weekend in December. I'll be heading down to the Outer Banks to do some meeting and greeting and book promotion.

I have started, and scrapped a few books recently. I didn't seem to have any ideas that would actually flow into a full MS. But, I started something last night at about 2:30 in the morning that seems to be turning into a manuscript. I seem to keep wandering back to the Outer Banks, and this new book is set in Duck, a charming little town south of Corolla that houses year-long residents as well as tourists.

Meet Emma. She's a twenty-one year-old senator's daughter who gets caught up in a scheme between the senator and a natural gas baron. The two men pledge their children into an arranged marriage for business purposes. Gray Taylor is rude, ruthless, and devastatingly handsome. Emma detests him and refuses to accept him as her husband.
Her parents refuse to allow her to back out and send her to the Outer Banks for a three month vacation before the wedding. On her first day at the seashore, she meets Reese McConnell, and she has an idea. Her parents can't force her to marry Gray if she's married to someone else, can they?

Emma has only three months to win Reese's love. Will she succeed, or will she be forced to marry a man she detests? Unexpected complications arise and threaten the happiness of everyone involved.

I'm about six thousand words into this MS and it is showing some promise. Emma isn't a likeable character at first, so I don't expect a lot of sympathy for her from the readers. But, people can change, and I hope to portray Emma's evolution from a spoiled little girl to a woman with real needs and desires. Can she stand up to her parents and be free from her obligation? Will she fall in love with Reese? Will she marry Gray? Only time will tell!

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