Sunday, October 24, 2010

By Jove, I think we've got it!

Here's the complete new cover for Supermarket. We've been busy. Final edits are done, the cover is done and the back cover text has been sorted out. Now, I just wait for the book to hit the stores!

I'm extremely satisfied, happy, and excited!!! I knew that 2010 was going to be a good year. I said so since January. And now, my prediction is coming true!

Also, the date of the book tour has been changed. We're now touring from November 22-25. So much fun!


Eden said...

How did you do your cover?? I have a friend working on the front for me, but I saw the *barcode area* and was wondering if you used CreateSpace or another site for the spine and back...
I know I don't need it quite yet, but I definitely want it! lol

btw, my word was "wings" -- am I about to fly? haha (I can hope...)

Jessica L. Degarmo said...

my publisher did all the prep work on the cover, but he is a POD, so CreateSpace was what he used. It came out nice, I think.

Eden said...

We have the same publisher ;) That's why I was wondering... lol
I assumed it was CreateSpace but didn't know for sure.
I'll have to give him the cover and then let him do the rest :D

And yeah, it did come out great!!!
I love all the covers ... they're so cool :))