Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed!

Well, I submitted Hooking Up to three different publishers. Two of the houses are big ones, and one is an e-publisher who looked quite promising. I am excited! Now for the fun part...the wait. Yes, this is the part that kills me. Will they like my query? The partial MS I submitted? Will they enjoy my writing, or will they tell me it's crap? Oh, lordy, this is rough. I hate waiting.

I also hate rejection, but I am realistic about things. Will I be a famous best-seller one day? No. Will I make millions with my writing? No. But, I am having fun fulfilling a dream. We'll see what happens! Keep fingers, toes, arms, legs, and anything else you can think of crossed. Even an MS request would be welcome at this stage in the game!

I'm also thinking about looking for an agent. That process is just as nerve-wracking. I will see what happens with the publishers first, and go from there. If I can get an offer unagented, I'll take it!!!


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