Sunday, August 8, 2010

I did it!

I am pleased to announce that I have finished the first draft of Hooking Up! I have been working on this book since March, and I finally got the whole first draft, from start to finish, on paper. Oh, I feel so good! The first draft of this manuscript weighs in at 49,650 words. With editing, it may end up being more or less. Only time will tell....
This one has been a real bear for me. I changed the backstory four times, finally getting it right tonight, when I wrote about 6,000 words. I was, as they say, on a roll.
It is now 3:23 am. I am going to go to bed and relish my success for the night. Come morning, I'll have editing to do. Ugh. Editing.



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Melanie said...

A third? I still need to read the second. Aren't you on the ball? What's it about? Is it chicklit again? Is it a romantic comedy, or something different? I can't wait. Me get Nook soon! After my second paycheck I think. SO soon, soon!:)