Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some more stuff I forgot to mention

See, I'm bad at this blog stuff!!! I guess I'll just have to learn, and you'll all have to bear with me.

My wonderful sister-in-law Teresa is working on designing my book cover for me, and I have to give props to my husband who took the picture that is currently on my profile (and will also be on the back of my book)with his cell phone, no less!

I am quite excited about things to come. I have an offer for a book-signing from the Salty Paws Biscuits in Nags Head, NC. Hopefully I'll be able to coordinate it and do it when I go down south for my book tour from December 3-5. I plan to talk to the local media, the businesses in town, and anyone else I can about my upcoming book.

I also have two other books in progress right now. Hooking Up is about a woman with a damaged psyche who just loses her long-term boyfriend (to another woman) and who decides to fill the gap, so to speak, with a random man. How did Caitlin manage to find the one guy in town who wants more than a one-night stand?

The Accident (title is tentative) is about a man whose mistake behind the wheel costs a child his life. Now someone is after him and his own son. Will he save his family from disaster?

Hopefully I am blogging the kind of stuff you're interested in. If not, tell me, and I'll try to do better. What can I say? It's my first day...

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